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Consuming some wild food plants helps the environment by reducing dependence on industrialized agriculture and reducing energy use on transporting food over long distances. Plus, wild plants are nutritional powerhouses, and they are organic!


There is a recently created group on Facebook called Wild Green Smoothies. The group is a place for people to share knowledge about wild plants, including wild greens, wild fruit and other wild edibles. It’s also a place to share raw recipes using wild ingredients, especially (but not limited to) green smoothie recipes.


In case anyone is wondering, green smoothies are blended leafy greens with fruit. The taste of the fruit dominates the greens, so if made with the right ingredients, green smoothies are delicious and offer tremendous health benefits.


Whether or not you consume green smoothies, the Wild Green Smoothies group is a great place to share knowledge and healthy raw recipes as well as to connect with like-minded people.