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My Solar Install

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I just hit my 1 year anniversary with my solar install and I'm very happy.  Here's a pic of the panels on my roof:



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Hi No Green Thumb.  Congrats!  I would love to hear details, especially the effectiveness of the array - how much did you save and how effective were they?  Any unexpected costs?  How long until you recoup the costs?  Thanks!  And agin, congrats!!




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I've actually put all the gory details in two posts here:






I'm overdue for my 1 year anniversary post with details on how much juice I put out, but I just about met the projections given by the solar company, so I'm happy!

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Well, as you can see I have some tree shading issues!

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I am really glad to learn that your solar installation has completed a year without any issues. It is good that you are not only promoting green ideas amongst others but also in your own accord. By the way, the installation pattern looks really brilliant and I am considering trying out the same.


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Good job, considering putting panels this spring myself - like your setup.

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I'm thinking about taking the plunge into solar this year. Any golden tips you can kindly share will be helpful? Also what's the update on your solar install system?

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hihocraigio, something you can learn from the picture of nogreenthumb's installation is this:.


a) They left enough space between the vents and the panels. Besides affecting the systems's performance. when the vent is to close to the modules it tends to shade the same pv cell continuously. When one cell is shaded it functions like a resistant and it might get burned over the years.

b) I like how they replaced the wood-shake roof for comp in the roof section where the system was installed. That is the correct way to do it. Working on wood shake is very difficult and unless thew shake roof is relatively new it is hard to water tight. You need to consider that your solar system will be on your roof for 30 years or so. Having a water tight installation is the MOST important aspect after selecting modules and inverters.

We have been using PV QuickMounts flashings for several year and they are great. They are easy to install under the shingles and they have options for different types of roof.

This will give you an idea of the cost and how they look:

Those are my 2 cents. Good luck with your solar system!!

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