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I'm trying to cut down on overall cost this year, as well as do my part to go a little greener and use a bit less energy this summer.  That said, my family and I decided to turn off our central AC for good.  We're spending more time outdoors or in already cooled places during the daytime hours and trying to control the heat in the house other ways.  But, my kids (two boys, 5 and 4) aren't sleeping well at night, and I think it's because they are used to it being cooler.  I'd like to put some sort of small ac in their room that we can run periodically if need be, just to cool it down before they fall asleep. Does anyone have any good green recommendations.  I'd prefer it to be pretty quiet, I can't picture them liking anything too loud.  I've been looking at some NewAir products (Portable Air Conditioners) so far this is the only site I've seen them on.  They are the most affordable that I've found.  Does anyone have experience with these?  And, I know that an AC isn't that green by its nature, but are some really greener than others?

Thanks guys for all your help in advance! (And thanks from the boys too!)  :)