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I. Why do we have to clean the exhaust fumes?

1. In the exhaust fumes from types of automobile, motorbike dynamo engine, Diesel engine or from factories.

Feature of these fumes both bringing burning and harmful, dirty impurities

The exhaust fumes is one of agent damaging environment and dangerous to people’s health. Especially in the hot and dry season it reduces the development of tree and cause disasters of forest fire.


2. In the exhaust fumes the most if CO­2


This is one of exhaust fumes causing the change of climate. Like this, if the exhaust fumes is cleaned it will create the moisture in the air on the dry and hot days. Besides CO2will continue, enclosed to steam. The steam will reduce the temperature of CO2. When coming out environment meeting the sunlight with leaves it will assist photosynthesis reaction between CO2 and tree obtaining higher effect helping CO2 to be transformed. If the more CO2 is transformed the more greenhouse effect will be reduced­.




Q is one of the crude energy which does not cause the greenhouse effect

3. The green tree is huge machine on the earth helps the energy transformation of CO2

In recent times not only in Vietnam but also in every country in the world, forests and amount of green tree are reduced seriously. That is rash exploitation of forest, cut green tree seriously. Hence, the green trees reduced seriously.

Returning to the time, we need to find out about clearly in recent years the quantity of engine types increases under the geometric progression the exhaust fumes on the earth also increase under the geometric progression especially CO2.

If we can total up annual rate of green tree’s reduction and the exhaust fumes’ increase on our green planet we will understand agent of climate change and environmental pollution.

This display only shows the illustration

Between CO2 and quantity of green tree.


CO2 raises

Green tree reduces

Green tree


We need to observe two above graphs, we can see the reason causing environmental pollution and climate change

4. The green tree is necessary for environment and create ecological environment.


Like scientific studies of scientists in the world concluded that the forest is huge storage of CO2.

If many forests, many quantities of green tree grow on the hills the ecological environment appears, when the environment improves partly it will help people live better, healthier. Quantity of CO2transformed more quickly by green tree the change of climate will be repelled.

5. Why does in rainy days the clean air and green tree develop better.

We need to affirm that on the rainy days, the air is cleaned, the green tree is supplied more water (or high moisture).

The green tree has much steam the necessary and sufficient condition make photosynthesis reaction become better the digestion of green tree with CO2 occurs more quickly and much.

Hence, rainy days are days which the air is the most pure and also are days which CO2 transformed more.

In the dry and hot days the moisture in the air is not exist, the temperature increase result in the life of people is difficult let alone green tree.

The food source of green tree apart from substances in the soil still CO2 and steam, sunlight.

Hence, cleaning the exhaust fumes of engines and factories in the dry and hot days is necessary for environment and roll back the change of climate.

Hai Phong, May 14, 2011

Author: Phan Dang Dao

 Green tree

Green trees give us shade in summer

Green trees give us honey and delicious fruits

Green trees give us devices of valuable wood

Green trees give us ecological environment

Green trees roll back the change of climate

Green trees are really loveable and valuable

Green trees need to grow everywhere

Green trees are important on our earth.

Green tree needs to have in the life of people

Green trees, we should protect them.

Hai Phong, May 14, 2011

Author: Phan Dang Dao


















Filter of exhaust fumes using water


Normally, in the wet days or rainy days we do not have to pour water in the tank as rain can eliminate dust, at the same time in the air having much steam

If in the dry and hot days we should pour water in the tank. This water tank is effective containing water and pumping water in the hold inside exhaus pipe to eleminate dust and clean exhaust fumes.

This type of equipment is used after 6 months or 1 year we should pour water to rinse and clean, if quantity of dust is too much inside holds of exhaust pipes. This is the type of the first exhaust fumes filter reduces temperature (body of exhaust pipe is not hot) and can low temperature of exhaust fumes to the environment.

This device is able to calculate coal dust the most in exhaust pipe.

And if using water it must be created the moisture to the air in dry and hot seasons to help green tree to develop most to avoid disasters of forest fires, quantity of C02 by photosynthesis reaction will be transformed in the dry and hot days.