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Good times as a Vectrix passenger

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So a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting on a Vectrix.  Unfortunately it wasn't moving. 


But this weekend, I was lucky enough to be a passenger on one in motion!  And it was all thanks to Huddler MattFish for being so generous with his time and electricity (although he said it probably only cost 20 cents for the whole ride).


Matt also said he's spent $0 on maintenance and calculated that he's saved about $500 using the Vectrix to get around Oakland instead of a Subaru.  If you're interested in his review (which I highly recommend), just head on over here to check it out.


Well, needless to say, the ride was pretty darn awesome.  We rode up into Tilden Park.  It was amazing how quiet the bike was.  It was also cool because I think during the whole ride Matt only used the brakes once or twice.  Look for a full passenger review from me later.  :-)


Here's a picture of Matt on the bike:



And as a little something's a janky little video for you.  Yep, just for the huddle, I sucked it up to look ridiculous on video.  Also be warned...I enunciate excessively in the goofy introduction.  No need to comment on that part of it.  Oh, but the cool thing is...most of the sound in the video is just from the wind and not from the bike!  Gotta love electric things...  Okay.  On to the goofy video bonanza....


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Oh!  And one more thing...Matt is going to visit his girlfriend out in Boston next week and arranged to get a tour of the Vectrix factory in Rhode Island!  So perhaps we'll be lucky enough to check out some of the fotografia from that.  *wink wink nudge nudge*

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Damn, you Huddler employees get to have all the fun!

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This is awesome! Great video too...the sound of the bike is cool...definitely gonna have to hitch a ride one of these days. Maybe I'll just get certified so I can test drive one at the dealership. Looks like fun - thanks again Mattfish!

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