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HAPPY EARTH DAY !!!  biggrin.gif



Earth Day is a day to celebrate the Earth and reflect on what we can do to make our planet better. THANKFULLY, the market is now catering to our desire to improve our products, processes, to avoid harmful chemicals, and reduce our waste.  I attended the Natural Food Expo in March and though initially I was there to check out trends in natural and organic foods, I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple great beauty companies!


#1) Aubrey:  Aubrey is a company that has a been a leader in certified organic beauty products since their start in 1967.  They have ad time to perfect their products and it shows. Aubrey has 5 certifications testifying that these products are true quality products, certified organic and cruelty free.  My favorite thing???  These products feel absolutely luxurious!  Try their eyeshadow and blush.  Aubrey uses rich silk based powder in their pigments. They explained that this is not mineral make up.  Mineral cosmetics are a completely different compound than the silk.  The silk powders glide on and do have a smooth silk finish which I was ecstatic about.  


Be an organic beauty and give them a try this Earth Day:


#2) MyChelle Dermaceuticals: MyChelle has a wonder selection of organic beauty products. They carry beautifully pigmented mineral makeup, but their real strong suit is their skin care line.  Aside from the pretty packaging, their skin care lines are color coded to specific skin types.  Once you know what skin type you have, you know which color to buy.  Its that simple! My color is light blue, for sensitive skin.


Visit MyChelle today and find out your color: