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Workout at Home

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We can be environmentally friendly when it comes to fitness by avoiding travelling to fitness centres.


Make yourself a fitness routine you can do at home or in a local open space such as a park. 


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I agree! I exercise regularly with a hula hoop and fun music. :) Some other things that would involve home exercise could be walking or jogging around the neighborhood (and other cardio workouts), yoga and other forms of stretching, calisthenics, etc. Gardening works wonders for getting the blood moving as well!



(BTW, I moved this thread to the Personal Care section, because it's totally green relevant! :) )

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Thanks, Barbara! I hauled several loads of cut grass over with a tarp today from the neighbors' yard, since they didn't have their own compost set up. Now THAT was a workout! ;)

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I always exercise at home. I have a decent collection of videos - pilates, yoga, tae bo, etc,

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I always do my fitness at home. You save the environment, time and money. I love searching out community trails to run on. There is nothing more relaxing than going for a run in the woods with nothing but nature around you. Sure beats running on a tread mill in a room filled with 20 other people doing the same thing all staring at a little tv screen.

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I agree! And I think it is the greenest way to work out at home. Not everyone have a car to go to the gym to exercise. While staying at home is a good possibility to stay healthy without polluting the environment! That's why I'm working out at home an watch my videos and hear my music. Stay at home and exercise while watching TV. Great! I do have a few weights. But exercises I can do without equipment are even better for me. In connection with this workout you can have a look at: workouts and exercises for a at-home training And I love the exercises with the towel. I Never thought they would be this hard!

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I enjoy working out at home as well.  It is so much easier and you can still be quite versatile with your routines.  I like doing my core workouts indoors in my home then using the hilly neighborhood and city around me for my cardio.

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