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Proven Thorium Plasma Battery Technology - Safest & Best Nuclear Option

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In light of what happened at 3 mile Island, Chernobyl, and now Japan, it is clear how vulnerable and dangerous uranium based nuclear plants have become. Now just imagine there is any major war involving the possibility of a missile, terrorist, or covert attack on a nuclear plant. In a matter of days the entire nation would be in chaos and panic.


So why are we not using Thorium nuclear reactors like India has begun to do? We all know that Thorium based plasma batteries are very safe with extremely long lives and reliability. We have experienced the higher energy density cores of these batteries as evidenced by the military's preference for these batteries.


So if Thorium is the first choice of the U.S. military it should also be the first choice for public energy. Here is why:


1. Uranium plants are the most hazardous on Earth with catastrophic melt-down consequences.(It is impossible for a Thorium nuclear plant to have such a melt-down)


2. Thorium has a an energy density that is at least 20% more than uranium thus providing higher energy output and for longer period of time.


3. Thorium does nnot present the contamination and disposal problems that uranium has historically caused mankind.


4. Thorium is far more abundant and cheaper to obtain than uranium and 80% of Thorium deposits are in America.


5. It is not practical to use Thorium for nuclear weaponry, so when countries like Iran or perhaps Libya demand the right for nuclear power, a Thorium plant can be built without fear of a secret weapons program.


So I would like to hear back from academia or someone at the DoE to get some rational explanation as to why General Electric, and all the other nuclear giants are not shifting over to Thorium. Until they do, every nuclear plant using uranium fuel rods is a disaster waiting to happen whenever Mother Nature or a terrorist decides to strike.

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I agree that technology is the best hope for our ailing environment, but if new cutting edge technology is kept under lock and key, we will continue to be held hostage to the oil companies as this link explains in detail -


As you can see too much high technology is being suppressed or just plain stolen by the military. MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Purdue, NASA's Lewis Research Center were given millions of our tax dollars to develop these new Thorium plasma batteries, but now after we paid for them, we cannot even use them!

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Holy ****!  I just found out that the federal law actually authorizes technology suppression.  You can see the actual laws at the first link here. The second  and third links are self-explanatory. Apparently these Thorium plasma batteries have been around at least since 2006. This is outrageous!



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Honestly, I think technology suppression should be a criminal offense. If you think about it, hiding disruptive technology like Thorium plasma batteries causes people to suffer premature deaths from air pollution and extorts them to buy gasoline. I agree with you, since our tax dollars paid for all the R&D for their development they rightfully belong to us - not the Department of Defense. Here are three links we should probably share with every one we know...

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Please provide link(s) to proof that the Thorium Plasma Battery works. And if you can, a link to an explainer of how it works.

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I think someone's pulling your leg.  I'm surprised google news is serving this up as "news".  

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I was being polite. I really didn't expect any "proof," particularly any peer-reviewed work. For one thing, Thorium-232 is about as radioactive as a banana.


Hey, maybe that's what Donovan was singing about - "Electrical banana, is going to be a sudden craze..."


And a Thorium plasma battery will surely be the very next phase.

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