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Silica in Cosmetics?

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I'm very careful about what is in the cosmetics I use, but silica is something I come across in a lot of products but have had a hard time finding any real information about it.  Is it toxic?  Opinions on using cosmetics that contain silica?  Thanks!

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Hi Caitie!
Silica is a  major building block for collagen and even bones.  It is perfectly natural and safe to be applied to skin.  It is much different than silicon or silicone - those are other materials.  Silica is huge part of herbs like horsetail and in fact horsetail is given as an internal supplement for wound and bone healing because the extra supply of silica in the body will drastically decrease healing time.  Horsetail actually has so much silica in it that you can use it to polish silver!  Silica is also a component in vegetables like Cucumber, so if you're eating a cuke you are actually getting a bit of silica too.  :) 

Hope this helps!  If you have a question about a specific product I'd be happy to look at the ingredients declaration and answer any other questions.  I'm an herbal cosmetic formulator so I'm definitely an ingredient specialist.



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