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Going green will not remain a buzz word but slowly will turn into a necessity. It is said that energy saved is energy produced. Non-renewable resources that produced power in the past are depleting and at the same time power production from the renewable resources is increasing. In this scenario anyone will say, "if this is the case then what is the need of saving energy because tomorrow or in future we are going to get the energy from renewable". I have three points to make,


1. What if, we enter in the era of zero non non-renewable before entering in ample renewable to provide us the same energy?


2. The levels of CO2 in atmosphere has increased from 280 PPM during industrial revolution to 380 PPM present. The science says increasing CO2 will cause global warming & if we continued our dependance over conventional resources then we will soon cross the tipping point.


3. Nobody knows how the weather will behave with climate change. One thing everyone knows is that it will become unpredictable.


So there is an urgent need to slow down & save energy because,


1. It will provide time to bridge the gap between the energy from conventional & renewable.


2. It will decrease the rate of increase of CO2 in atmosphere and increase the time for tipping point to reach which in turn will be an opportunity to avoid the tipping point.


3. It will give us time to predict the nature of climate change & so the proper use of renewable at right place & right time.


A change is required. There are two ways it may happen. Either we do it or let the external force it on us. Former would be easy & later would be difficult & troublesome. Choice is ours.