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For those of us living in cities, it might be difficult to imagine or envision how living in islands could be. It doesn't take a genius to figure out however that the costs of fossil energy in most islands and island like places could be steep, if those islands themselves do not have fossil fuel deposits.

I have never lived in an island, though I have been to small islands. It was hence interesting for me to explore whether renewable energy could find far greater acceptance in these places than in main lands. On digging a bit, I found one blog post which dwelt precisely on this subject, in the context of a small Indian island called Andaman and Nicobar.

The funny thing about many of these island appear to be that their reliance on diesel generators is far higher than the reliance on generators for mainland areas. Add to it the fact that diesel costs much more in islands (as most times they have to be transported from the mainland), and you see why power in some of these islands could cost as high as 50 US cents a unit (kWh), while in most places around the world it is around 10 cents!

Don't you think renewable energy sources (even at their relatively high prices) will find greater acceptance in these types of geographies than they will in urban areas where power is available most times and at less than 10 cents a kWh?

What are your thoughts?

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