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Great ideas do not necessarily mean billion dollar budgets or a large corporation to be behind it. World over, in clean tech and renewable energy, small entrepreneurs and many amateurs are excited enough to try small, little efforts that could together make a big difference to the future of the world.

For instance, here's one such interesting small idea for awareness creation, the Zero Energy Truck:

"Zero Energy Truck all across India. The idea behind the ZET is to showcase how the importance of green buildings – essentially the inside of the truck tries to simulate a net zero energy building, through the use of renewable and green energy sources.

Most parts of the ZET already has sponsors. Isabelle is looking for sponsors for the solar PV system to be installed for the truck. If your company is interested in being a sponsor and getting some green mileage, here’s how you contact Isabelle –

Some more details of ZET:

The concept - A Net Zero building which is energy efficient as well as generates all it’s power needs with PV panels on the rooftop – A Green Building par excellence. The growth of Green Building materials and products has been very encouraging, but awareness needs to improve within the design & construction community. Since most of the green building materials and strategies are different from conventional construction practices it needs efforts to educate people and make them realize that green practices can be incorporated in every building.

Oh well, you might say that this is a cute but trivial idea and most times, I would be inclined to agree with you. But somewhere down, I feel that the awareness about clean technology and sustainability might be better created through such cute and somewhat "naive" ideas than through than by sophisticated looking gentlemen who present complex charts and data.

What do you think?