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Imagine an article on climate change that has been written and edited by thousands of scientists collaboratively and read by millions of people. That article would help clarify and summarise the major issues and discussions. The collective input would help comprehension and, more importantly, collective action. Imagine not just one, but thousands of articles, all focused on green issues.


Edit a Wiki Week! is a global information drive that's gathering scientists, environmentalists, professionals, bloggers and common people alike in the hopes of having them edit a wiki page with what they know regarding helping the environment.


TipThePlanet is a collaborative effort to build and share a free-to-use encyclopedia and how-to guide of all things 'green' or 'environmental'. Like Wikipedia or wikiHow, TipThePlanet is a wiki, in that absolutely anyone can edit the pages on this site. As such, we are building an objective and useful environmental resource which can help us deal with the barrage of often conflicting information about the environment from journalists, lobbyists, extremists, politicians, NGOs and other commentators, each of whom might have reason to distort the truth. Armed with this information, we can filter through the noise and improve our lives.
Edit a wiki page today at and get a chance to be our "Featured Editor". The best edit for the week will be the featured editor and you can place a link to your site, letting people know what you're doing.
Stay tuned for more information!