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Up close and personal with the Tesla Roadster

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So over at Huddler, we get pretty excited when we see a Tesla in the wild.  But today not only did we see one in the flesh...we got to touch it...sit in it.  And yes.  It was orange.  And it was glorious.  I went a little crazy with the digital camera but here are just a few to give you a taste.  And if you want all of them...have no fear.  They'll be over on the Tesla product page shortly.






(Check out Deej in the Tesla!)

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It was really cool to see up close. The other guy in the picture was walking me through some of the features and even though this was an "older" prototype, he explained how things are now.


The coolest thing that we talked about was a little touch screen in the far left corner of the car that shows you the energy output of the batteries and how much charge you have left. You can switch settings there so that, "you can have a lot of fun for a little while, or less fun for a long while"...very cool stuff.


We also got to hear Darryl Siry, VP of Sales, Marketing, and Service, get interviewed on stage and I really appreciated a lot of what he said. He talked about how in the electric car market, obviously the most important component is the batteries and how you network  the batteries together. He said that basically Tesla Motors is a battery/electric motor company wrapped inside a sexy car brand, and that it's the brand and the buzz that is giving them the capital needed to make really great, viable electric motors for many, many uses down the road.


Anyway - a great experience with a great company last night...

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 that car looks ridiculously amazing.  cool how you can change its performance, of sorts, by switching its energy output as you described.  jealous of your close encounter!

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So Deej and I also took a little video of the cars at SF Green...and I used my masterful videography skills to put this clip together.  And's janky.  But brought to you with love.  So away we go!


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Haha that was a very nice janky little video.  I'm totally jealous too, by the way.

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Here's one last picture to prove that I was there too.  Ha.


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Tesla, Tesla, Telsa....mmmmm wow...the car of my dreams. ;)  I think anyone posting on this forum would enjoy my BLOG: 


Happy Green Driving!!



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