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Cradle 2 Cradle

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anyone hear of this concept? read the book? thoughts...opinions...




In addition to its provocative content, Cradle to Cradle, is printed on a polymer film instead of paper. While current materials and systems are incomplete, this book's materials suggest ways 'technical nutrients' might be used in the future, cycling safely and prosperously in the 'technical metabolism' of plastics recycling.

Read more about the book's materials in the monthly feature story from May 2002, "This Book is Not a Tree."

Buy Cradle to Cradle from your local bookstore, order locally through Booksense, or order from

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I read Cradle to Cradle about a year ago for the first time.  I have to admit, I was depressed for about the first half because as McDonough and Braungart say, "less bad isn't good."  But in the second half (or maybe the last third), they do start addressing actionable things you can do to start.  Because you do have to start somewhere.  Overall I think it's a great book and a must read if you're interested in sustainability and design. 


Also...the book isn't made from paper - it's a material being research right now to be totally recycleable (ink too) and waterproof.  The waterproofing is a little way off so I wouldn't really recommend showering with it (I haven't done that personally, but I had a number of classmates in college who tried it out).

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