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Dr. Bronner's Sues "Organic" Cosmetics Companies

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From Treehugger:

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps filed a lawsuit on Monday accusing several popular cosmetic manufacturers of deceptive marketing. Filed in San Francisco Superior Court, the lawsuit targets brands such as Estee Lauder, Kiss My Face, Hain Celestial, and Stella McCartney America, several of which are members of OASIS, a new but controversial organic beauty label.


In the lawsuit, the good doctor charges the firms of false advertising by labeling their lotions and soaps "organic," even though they contain relatively little organic material, comprise synthetic chemicals, and use petrochemicals in processing.


"This is the corrosive marketing of the cosmetics industry that hollowed out the meaning of 'natural' and now is doing the same with 'organic'," David Bronner, president of the 60-year-old company, tells the San Francisco Chronicle


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Very nicely done!  Too many of the name brands have introduced 'organic' products that have little to no organic content.  Part of the problem stems from the fact there isn't sufficient legislation in place to properly define 'organic' and the other problem stems from the willingness of manufacturers to forgo any real sourcing of organic raw materials to manufacture their 'organic' products with.

I am not sure if Dr. Bronner will win this suit, but I wish them luck!  I think I'll head out this weekend and get another bottle of the almond Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap.

Keep us posted as to the progress of this story!

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you can keep up to date here:  ;-)

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Good for them..  I think if  you are going to say you are organic then people should be able to trust that.  I know that all My products are all Natural, and some are organic, but we never claim to be organic, because we are not 100% organic...



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i'm not terribly impressed with dr. bronners on this one. I got the feeling they included seventh generation in there mostly because they are a competitor. I was really excited about this, as organicgal knows ;-) and then I read an article about how they were slaming seventh generation and the article was toting clorox (who doesn't make the products that use sls or sles yet) and I really lost some respect for dr. bronners out of it. I would have been much more thrilled if dr. bronners hadn't went after seventh generation for using sles when they themselves are guilty of using sls in the same kind of products seventh generation uses sles in, they both have disclaimers about it on their sites that are very similar and explain the reasons. just my personal take

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 Take a really good look at the cosmetic market, in particular . . . lipstick.  All those wonder shades that the sells people try to push on you.  One thing they won't tell you is that they have a dirty little secret.  The lipstick has lead in it.  That's right lead.  Even their "organic" versions.  I have found a few companies with truly organic products, to include cosmetics, that actually work.  All I have to say, do the research, test the products, and use what works for you.

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