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Organic Baby Products - Which items are priorities?

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Hi,  I'd love to hear feedback on which types of organic baby products parents and gift givers feel are most important for eco babies.  Do you look for baby clothes made from organic cotton, bpa-free feeding items, natural and organic baby skincare?  If price is a factor, are there items you would be more inclined to list on a baby gift registry rather than purchase yourself?


Thanks in advance for all input.


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I know it sounds great, but consider getting butt-paste for diaper rash. I hear it is very environmentally friendly

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Well, IMO first priority are the things that baby might put in his or her mouth. Then it is anything that goes on their skin, then anything that when "conventionally-produced" involves volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and so on.


For most items, my wife and I were able to find good sustainable and safe solutions, but the one thing that eluded us were board books. Kids chew everything, especially paper products like books. Nearly all the ones we could find were made overseas (mostly China) with plastic UV laminates, metalic foils and other questionable materials, and were sometimes pretty bad in the design department. Seeing that we are both "green" and both designers, we decided to make one ourselves. We used 100% post-consumer recycled paper and Non-petroleum inks, glues and water based coating, and tested the books for the eight heavy metals covered under CPSIA. You can check it out at and so ends my shameless pitch ;-)


But if I were to choose a #1, I'd have to go with milk. Not only does organic practices eliminate pesticide contamination, it avoids the antibiotics and hormones they load the milk cows with so they can survive the CAFO system.

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We didn't think much about the dangers of some baby products until we had our daughter in 2005. We started doing research and were shocked at the dangers of many baby products.


We focused on items that touched her skin and on sleeping items, since anything that touches the skin can be absorbed. Mattresses, sheets, blankets, sleepwear, bath soap, laundry soap, washcloths, and cloth diapers. These items would be a good start for making the switch to organic.

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I agree with anything that touches a babys skin. Skin is like a sponge. Creams, shampoos, lotions and then I would work my way out. I had twins 14 years ago. Cost was a major factor so I did buy things second hand which wound up being better then buying new.

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