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Are You Getting an Organic Halloween Pumpkin?

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Getting an organic pumpkin (or pumpkins) for an eco-friendly Halloween is a smart green idea because obviously organic products, no matter the type, have fewer pesticides. Plus there are other benefits...



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  • Better health for farmers and farmworkers.
  • Healthier rivers, soil, streams, rivers, and air.
  • Healthier agriculture in general – “Two of the major herbicides used in pumpkins, clomazone and ethalfluralin, have either the potential to injure the crop being grown or cause severe injury to non-target plants.” Source.
  • Reduced overall pesticides in our environment. If every single pumpkin farm went organic, it would cut out about 400,000 pounds of toxic chemicals a year.
  • Organic pumpkins are a good lesson for kids about incorporating more green living into the holiday season.


I think it’s smart to buy organic when you can; however a major downside of organic pumpkins is cost. Usually organic pumpkins cost far more than conventional. If you're going to make food with your pumpkins (seeds, pies) I'd splurge on organic anyhow. 


If you're not making pumpkin treats, and you can't afford an organic pumpkin, I'd let it go, without feeling too guilty. There are bigger green concerns in our world than the shame of a couple of pumpkins – for example do you recycle all year? That’s much more important than a pumpkin.


If you really want an organic pumpkin, but can’t afford it, try to cut other Halloween costs. Use recycled home goods for costumes, throw a potluck style party, make homemade recycled decor, give out fewer treats, and so on. Look for other ways to save on Halloween costs so that you can afford an organic pumpkin. Additionally go to a local farm not your Whole Foods or other natural market for your pumpkin. Local farms usually charge less for organic, plus you and the kiddos get to head out for some fun Halloween time at the farm together.

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Yes! After reading this I'm going to definitely looks for organic pumpkins. I wonder if there are any specifically organic pumpkin providers rather than having to head to a local farm. Anyone know?

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I'd check with Local Harvest first - see if there are any organic pumpkin patches near you.

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I would love to carve pumpkins this year! And thanks for reminding me of all the great reasons to buy organic!

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Im definitely going green this year Halloween. Thanks for the recommendation and the post :)

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I'd honestly never thought about buying an organic pumpkin before. We visit a pumpkin patch on a farm for fun each year and I'd never thought about asking if they use pesticides. Thanks for the thought.


We decorated the pumpkins we took home so eating them didn't cross my mind. I'll have to look for some pumpkin recipes this year that instruct you on what to with a fresh pumpkin rather than buying pumpkin in the can - we are trying to be bpa-free over here :) .

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I always buy from the local farms to support local farmers and economy. It also reduces the amount of transportation and CO2 created therein. I never thought to get an organic pumpkin for carving, but there are benefits there as well, even though I am not eating it.

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I love buying organic, even though it can be expensive and unrealistic for most people (including me) to do on a regular basis. That being said, I think everyone should on occasion, splurge on something organic. It’s healthier and it always tastes better. The holidays are a perfect time for it.

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