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I know we've talked about germ resistance here before, for sure in this thread and in one I can't find at the moment (about green cleaners). Now the issue of super germs has popped up again with the World Health Organization (WHO).


According to WHO an article published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases on 11 August 2010 "Identified a new gene that enables some types of bacteria to be highly resistant to almost all antibiotics." This is why the whole topic is coming up. If micro-organisms are finding new ways to evade the action of the drugs used to cure the infections they cause we're in a heap of trouble and the WHO states that this is now a recognized global public health issue. 


WHO suggests that "Countries should be prepared to implement hospital infection control measures to limit the spread of multi-drug resistant strains and to reinforce national policy on prudent use of antibiotics, reducing the generation of antibiotic resistant bacteria."


Multi-drug resistant bacteria are not new and many people think that the overuse of things like antibacterial soaps and cleaners have contributed to the problem. A good reason to use green cleaners, which don't contain chemical antibacterial components. Also it's important to use prudent judgment when it comes to taking antibiotics. We don't want a ton of super germs milling about.


Antimicrobial resistance is actually going to be the theme of WHO's World Health Day 2011. Right now, WHO has a good fact sheet on the rational use of antibiotics you can check out.


What do you think of antibacterial products and antibiotics? Overused or safer? Keep in mind that the WHO suggests hot water, not antibacterial products for cleaning and general hand washing.