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Plug in Hybrid conversion module for Prius now available

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From EcoGeek:


"Hymotion, a division of advanced battery maker A123Systems just emailed us to tell us that they're finally commercializing their plug-in Prius conversion module. The Hymotion L5 battery pack can be installed into any 2004-2008 Prius for just $10,000, giving it a fuel economy of more than 100 miles per gallon while the charge lasts (30 to 40 miles.) If you want to get a plug-in Prius straight from Toyota, you're going to have to wait at least three years...probably more."


Pretty cool stuff. I'm definitely in the camp that plug-ins are the wave of the future and though $10k is a bit steep for making this an economically powered decision, it's still great call for moving away from gasoline dependence.


I added it to the system so folks can add more info as it comes available or if someone tries it out. Product page is here or just click the image:




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Yeah that's pretty cool.  My only problem with these sorts of Prius plug-in conversions is that they void the warranty, so if something goes wrong (for example, added strain on the batteries shortens their lifespan), you're mega-screwed.

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Yeah, I found this in the FAQs of the manufacturer site, but I'm sure it's more gray area...:

Q: Will the Hymotion conversion alter the warranty given by the vehicle's manufacturer?


A: Federal consumer protection laws do not allow a vehicle's OEM to void a consumer's warranty for installing a Hymotion module unless the Hymotion module is the direct cause of an otherwise warranted problem. For example, Toyota shouldn't void your warranty on your headlights for putting a module in your trunk. The Hymotion L5 is engineered not to adversely affect any OEM-warranted system. Our product field testing of over 200,000 miles of real life driving did not show any otherwise warrantable problems on the stock vehicle caused by the L5. If a vehicle's OEM denies a Hymotion customer warranty service due to a problem caused by a Hymotion module, A123 will pay for the otherwise warranted repair. SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association provides guidance on understanding the legal protection for aftermarket products, specifically the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Click here for more information.

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Well that's good to hear.  If I had a spare ten grand lying around, I might consider an upgrade of this sort, though I'd still have an underlying concern about warranty issues.

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