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At the end of July, Chevrolet announced that due to demand for the Chevy Volt, they're increasing production for 2012 by 50% - from 30,000 to 45,000. This new announcement lined up with President Barack Obama's visit to the Detroit-Hamtramck facility, where the Volt is being produced now for sale later this year. According to Chevy, "President Obama met plant workers, signed a hood of a Volt and even took the Volt for a brief drive. It was only the second time he's driven a car since getting Secret Service protection in 2007."


obama and chevy volt.jpg


This latest announcement also follows on the heels of more news from the Volt folks - July was a busy month for Chevy Volt... 


On July 1, Chevrolet announced that Texas, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut would be initial launch markets for the Volt, joining Michigan, California and Washington D.C.


Then on July 14, the company announced an 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty for all 161 components of the Volt’s lithium-ion battery.


Near the end of July, Chevrolet announced the Volt’s price and ordering process. Check out Volt Marketing Director Tony DiSalle’s blog for all the information.

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