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Hi there! We on commute Greener! would like to try to start some discussion about the commute, and its impact on our lives.


But first: just so you know who we are... Commute Greener! is a climate initiative from Volvo IT, with the aim of helping people change commuting habits and save CO2 as well as get healthier. I am Fredrik, an intern at Commute Greener!, and I'm very interested in transportation and climate issues.


Well, anyway.


When you read articles or visit forums and blogs, recycling and other household things are often discussed. Or the bigger issues like climate change, the oilspill or politics. When one see articles or blogs about commuting, it is often bike-challanges and tips.

It seems like the commute is forgotten, at least the part of it that doesn't consist of bike riding. The commute is something everybody do every day, and often something we dislike, so should it be discussed more?


So, to my question: do you think commuting patterns and possibilities should be a part of the environmental debate? And should it be a national, regional or local debate? 


And which health benefits do you see from a greener commute?




Commute Greener!