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I’m new here and looking for some dimmable LED down lights for inside application , and found one from LEDs Magazine


Could you give me some suggestion about this item? I would appreciate any ideas or feedback.


The features is as following:

·1. Compatible with most traditional ELV dimmers.  (It seems I just need replace the traditional lamps with LED down lights and not need to change the dimming system.)

·2. Special Heat Sink Design,andthe external power supply makes the discharge of heat more easily, and ensures the long life of the lights.  (How about the external power supply? )

·3. Drivers listed by CE, UL and CUL.  (CE is good.)

·4. Adjustable Centre-Tilt:20-30 adjustable tilt of Aluminum Centre Tilt Downlight,

·5. Rectangular Beam Focusing Lens:T8° Optic, 15° Optic, 30° Optic, 45° Optic and 60° Optic could meet different demands.  (We need 60°.)