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Miniwiz EcoARK Pavilion

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The EcoARK pavilion in Taipei Taiwan( has been standing for about 1/2 a year now. There has recently been some buzz about it on some of the business side which not what everyone would expect. Polli-Brick is a solution to having a product with the lowest carbon footprint yet stable enough to have architectural properties. As you all know, 1/3 of the world's carbon emissions come from where you live. Homes even give off more carbon emissions than the cars that you drive. So isn't it where you should start with cutting down on carbon emissions?

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Googled my way to your comment, Katsu. I was looking for new information about the Polli-Brick and the Eco Ark Pavilion that just went up. I have watched the building going up in photos posted on various architecture and green forums. People keep missing the point about Polli-Brick. I agree that it is a great 'Recycle' or 'Reuse' vehicle. A lot of people tend to say this. But, there are no photos out there showing how the Polli-Brick uses solar to power the system and there are a lot of people screaming for performance details. Do you have any of these? Thanks.

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EcoARK uses solar panels on the roof and on the sides of the main entrance. These solar panels partially power the LED lights.

EcoARKSolarPanels.jpg  EcoARKSolarPanels.jpg

As you can see on the left in both pictures, the entrance on the second floor is covered with solar panels. The energy that these panels collect will Partially power the LED lights.

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Thanks. I have never seen solar used as a decoration before.


Now I know why they are all saying that the Polli-Brick Eco Ark Pavilion has solar panels powering the building. They were there the whole time. (I've seen pictures elsewhere). But, it was too beautiful to 'notice'. Great photos.

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Katsu-  Thanks for starting this thread I found it doing a search about green building materials.  I am totally with you about reducing our carbon foot prints generated by our homes.  Can you point me to any information about  Polli-Brick for residential construction, preferably in the US??  I unfortunately lost my over 100 year old Sycamore tree in a ice storm this winter; consequently, I have no natural canopy on my west side of my house.  Any suggestions??  Here is a link I found, take a look and let me know what you think.  canopy

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Bambi Doll-  I would have never thought about using a canopy to replace the shade a tree provided.   It does seem like a logical idea, however.  I hated reading about the death of a 100 year old tree.  Sycamore does make wonderful firewood-  I hope you take advantage off it.   Would a Poplar or other fast going species work for a longer term solution?y

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Outstanding building and constuction photos.  My condo building is going to be slowly dismantled and rebuilt. Someday. Our construction company dropped the first achitect and has 'sat on their hands' over a year now.  A chain-link construction fence was just put around it.


I sure admire how Chinese people built this in the same time I was "displaced" to a temporary apartment.  The use of solar panels and lighting by Chinese is awesome!

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