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Think EV

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Google's at it again.


"Norwegian company Think Global has announced plans to sell its Think City EV in the US from next year.


Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference in Pasadena, CA, on Monday, CEO Jan-Oluf Willums announced that cars will arrive in the US in limited numbers later this year. The first cars are destined for utilities like Pacific Gas and Electric and "influential companies" such as Google, for test and evaluation purposes. Cars will go on sale to the general public in 2009.


The vehicle has a top speed of 65MPH and a range of 110 miles between charges. It is described as emissions free, 95% recyclable and compliant with all relevant US and European safety standards.


Cars will be brought to the US by Think North America, a joint venture between Think Global and venture capitalist firms Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers and RockPort Capital Partners. The new set-up will be based in Menlo Park, CA.


The company expects the cars to cost in the region of $25,000, with anticipated annual sales of 50,000 units in two or three years. At that price, it looks as if Think is aiming to go head to head with Toyota for a slice of the market in affordable environmentally conscious cars."

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I love these cars. I saw them all over Italy when I was there a few years ago...definitely time for a major US debut. They make MINI's look big...

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Originally Posted by Deej:


They make MINI's look big...


Wow, that small huh?  It would do Americans good to see some small cars driving around.  Especially EVs!

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How do they compare to Smart cars in terms of size?  Because those are pretty darn small too.

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Originally Posted by stins:

How do they compare to Smart cars in terms of size?  Because those are pretty darn small too.


According to the brochure on their website, the Think City is (L x W x H) 3.12m x 1.6m x 1.55 m = 10.23ft x 5.25ft x 5.08 ft.


According to the US SmartCar website, the Smart ForTwo is (L x W x H) 8.8ft x 5.1ft x 5.1ft.


So the Think is a bit bigger than the Smart ForTwo.


In comparison, the Mini Cooper is 3.7m x 1.68m x 1.41m = 12.14ft x 5.51ft x 4.62ft.  A bit shorter, but longer than the other two.

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After re-reading this thread, I definitely meant that I saw Smart Cars in Italy, not Thinks...doh. Sorry bout that. Thanks for breaking down the sizes. Tres cool.

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From all cars electric and update on the Think City EV:

Norwegian automaker Think, which barely escaped complete dissolution last year thanks to capital injections from new strategic partners Ener1 and Valmet, continues to forge ahead and has apparently chosen a site near Middlebury, Indiana to construct a major EV assembly plant inside the U.S.. 
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 Thanks for the update Russ- I thought I had missed something!  I had discussed plans for the Th!nk plant in Indiana earlier after reading about those plans from the ElectricAid site-  The only action near my town recently promoting electric vehicles this morning is that Green Vehicles is opening in Salinas in a few months.  And in the local Santa Cruz newspaper a small article mentioned a baby fell out of a doorless electric vehicle; which is terrific advertising for safety-related products.
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Hi Chris - İ was looking for the old thread but couldn't find it so posted it here - not anything new really.

The part about the baby falling out of the EV - A doorless EV is the same thing as an ATV for safety - İ don't know why people had a baby in it to begin with! 
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