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Globama Time!

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Solar on the White House


Sign and share the call to put Solar on the White House.  Check the website in a few days for an interactive game where you can win prizes for helping this campaign go viral.  Also, see ABC news coverage of the campaign here.

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Also discussed in this thread.  The Globama campaign got me to get solar panels for my home, so at least something good came of it!  Hopefully they'll succeed in getting solar panels back on the White House, too.  I suspect they will, once they get through all the red tape.  It's been done before, and Obama is clearly and eco-conscious President.  Sign the petition and put your support behind the effort!

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We've now got 5000 signatures and are aiming to have 10,000 by July 4th (Energy Independence Day).  Now through July 4, compete to win cool "Globama" prizes by using your social media networks to advocate for solar on the White House. Visit to get started.

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