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Has anyone tried Sanre organic skinfood products?

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What are your opinions? Is it worth buying? They seem to have some nice products, but I am little bit worried about quality.

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I have bought day cream Supple Sunshine. At last I have not wasted money! Doesn't irritate my skin, smooth and smelly

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I have found that they post their promotions on FB :)

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I stumbled across SanRe Skinfood a few months ago & I am addicted to their products.  I'm very much into organic, safe, natural products that WORK WELL.  my skin is fussy.  it breaks out easily.  I'm also an esthetician & in my opinion their products are of great quality.  The price is a little higher than what I'm used to paying for a line but I def thinks it's well worth the money. 

So far I am using the Sparkling Aloe Day Moisturizer w/SPF 30, the baby eyes,(nighttime) & candy eyes (daytime).  A little goes a long way.  my day moisturizer has lasted me over a month so far, & I can tell u that the eye cream & the eye serum will last months & months.  i haven't even put a dent into either of them, & i use them everyday.  You only need a small amount. I just ordered the Sleeping Beauty night moisturizer & the Rosy toner.  I've been doing alot of reading & apparently essential oils are the way to go for anti-aging & truly nourishing yoru skin.  Commercial products only have such a small percentage of an active ingredients that they do nothing! & they contain "fillers".  My skin looks so much better since i've been using SanRe & it's only been over a month so far! Go for it!

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Thanks for advise. I do like them too. Very very nice products and better results than expected.

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I must say that Sanre organic products simply are one of the best skin food products that you can buy, especially now that they have updated their products. Trust me, you will love them. Sanre is certainly better than Supple Sunshine, which is not bad as well. The first thing that you will notice is that once you use sanre product, you will instantly be attracted to the sweet smell of it. And besides, being organic, it works very well for the health of our skin leaving us in no fear of any side effects like irritation or rashes

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You are right. I have started with one product and ended up using seven :)

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I love their products and I am a product junkie (all green, of course).


Everything is very natural, smells great and is hydrating.  It seems like a very small family-owned business, so you can tell that the packaging, etc. is not glamorous.  


So far I'm using:  Their rose toner - awesome, their moisturizer - Sierra something (can't remember), their eye cream and their cucumber cleanser.

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I haven't tried that particular line before but I'm always excited to learn of other indie natural beauty brands!  So very many exciting things out there with smaller, family owned businesses. 

If you are enjoying that particular line I just figured I'd offer that you might like Blissoma as well.  I'm the herbal chemist for our entire line and we adhere to similar principles as SanRe.  All our ingredients lists are posted on each product's page so you can see exactly what is in our items. 


Here's the link directly to our skincare page:


Our line is more compact at this time and most of our products are designed to be multifunctional and for a wide range of skin types.  Affordability is also a focus for Blissoma as I try to make everything within reach for  most customers - prices only up to $25 per item.


We extract many of our own herbs in-studio and have really strict policies on what can be in our products.  I hope to apply for Eco-cert or other organic personal care certifications someday, as our line is definitely eligible by their standards.  We are still building momentum though right now.

Blissoma skincare collection

This is what our line looks like. 


Available online at , , many Midwest Whole Foods market locations, and indie boutiques, estheticians, etc.  We also have products posted on Amazon and have mounting excellent reviews there if you want to see what other people are saying.  We've got some extremely happy customers.....

Hope you find items that are right for you! 

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I was having a skin problem and needed help fast. I tried the solar rose and it helped 10 fold. I was living in San Francisco at the time but moving to Sarasota in 3 days and well the product is made in Sarasota so I gave it a try. I have turned all my friends on to them. I am sold. Love the way it feels and how my skin looks. So worth every penny. 

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Sanre organic products are really good. They have got nice smell and show great effects.

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i tried Sanre organic skinfood products, they smell good and has no side effect on skin. Go for it.

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