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According to a new report, No Silver Lining, published just days ago, eating common canned foods is exposing consumers to levels of bisphenol A (BPA) that are much higher then previously thought. The levels are thought to be equal to levels shown to cause health problems in laboratory animals, according to the new study released by The National Work Group for Safe Markets, a coalition of public health and environmental health groups.


The study tested food from 50 cans from 19 US states and one Canadian province for BPA contamination. Over 90% of the cans tested had detectable levels of BPA, some at higher levels than have been detected in previous studies by the FDA (no shock there). According to the report...



The canned foods tested were brand name fish, fruits, vegetables, beans, soups, tomato products, sodas, and milks, which together represent “real-life” meal options for a wide range of North American consumers. The cans were purchased from retail stores and were chosen from report participants’ pantry shelves, and sent to an independent laboratory for testing. One can of DelMonte green beans had the highest levels of BPA ever found in canned food, at 1,140 parts per billion.