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Hi- new here

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Not sure where this should go- I did not see a thread for pets and or green pet supplies - I own a small business and we manufacture organic/natural pet products.

Can we talk litter !

I want to encourage people to use an alternative to the clay litters. I know it is not an exciting topic of conversation, however it is a daily activity if you have a feline family in your house !

I hope it was okay to add my product to the list, rest assure I did not list a review of it as that would be self -promoting and a bit tacky.

Would love to hear any feedback, comments - have you tried it , have you ever heard of it ???
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Welcome to Green Options Dewaide. I'm not a cat person, so I haven't used this, but yes it's ok to add your product we just prefer consumer vs. company reviews - as you figured out on your own :) 

If you have more questions about promoting products here check out the Promote Your Product page.
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