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I want to green my entire my backyard

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So I want to green my entire backyard.  So there are solar lights, green friendly mulch, bamboo, recycling bins on the side of house.  I am still debating those solar patio umbrellas, I want something that I can use during the day.  I usually am inside during the night, so to spend money on something that I can realistically can only enjoy during the night seems kinda waste.

So any ideas on some better patio umbrellas that are still eco friendly?
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I think it's silly to pay for solar if you're not using them at night. That's not more eco-friendly anyhow, it only is in terms of electricity savings.

There's not many eco-friendly umbrellas on the market. Here is one made with recycled materials and pvc free coating. You could also look for a hemp umbrella although it'll be expensive I'm guessing. I saw one once for $550 or so. One green choice is to go used if you can find one at a garage sale or thrift store.
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I wonder if finding something second hand is the greenest solution here...maybe on Craigslist or Freecycle? When I can't find an eco-friendly product in my price range, those are always my go-tos.

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We just published an article on how to green your backyard without spending a ton... Here's a preview:




You don't have to spend a fortune on gardening containers to green your backyard. Just about anything you can find in your attic or in the trash that you can poke a few holes in the bottom will do--even throwaways: a mini trash can, plastic soda bottles, tin coffee cans, an old boot, a wooden trunk, you name it. You can even spray paint the ones you don't like the look of and make a color coordinated collection of your motley crew of planters. A couple tips to keep in mind will help make your garden grow beautifully:


Read the whole article here.

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I think you need more advenice, but I'm not a pro in this site. I hope you can solve your problem quickly!

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Thanks for sharing nice information thriugh your forum for maintaining backyard green.All the things that you have mentioned here are very effective. I also want to add some here that use the Organic - Biodegradable Seed in your bacyard. These are 100% Organic and 100% biodegradable. These green organic products have no plastic pots left over to fill a landfill. So there is no negative effect on environment also.


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