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Wal-Mart and their new eco-goals have been all over the news lately. I still think they have a long way to go and I'd still rather shop at my local organic grocer (who doesn't stock a million bleach cleaners and plastic products) but at least Wal-Mart is trying I guess.

The latest is that Wal-Mart has decided to stock more eco-toys. This is actually my favorite eco-move I've heard of from this large company. People are still turned off by green toys due to the assumed higher cost. I don't think green toys cost more, but that's a much longer story. Many people do but having these toys at Wal-Mart will likely make a huge difference. Business Week reports that now, since Wal-Mart and some other mainstream stores are stocking eco-toys, (toys made from natural, non-toxic or recycled materials), the green toy industry may be propeled to sales of $1-billion, that's only about 5% of the toy market, but it's better than in the past. Right now the green toy market makes up only about 1% of toy sales.

From Business Week:

The heightened interest in green toys is a progression from the trend’s popularity in household cleaning and personal-care products, according to Catherine Fox-Simpson, a retail consultant at BDO Seidman. U.S. sales of natural and organic household cleaners grew 35 percent to $737 million in 2008, according to the Nutrition Business Journal. “Retailers are focused on going green because their consumers are focused on it,” said Fox-Simpson, who is based in Dallas.