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Coal Ash Petition

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 Please sign my petition to ask the EPA administrator Lisa Jackson to classify coal ash as a hazardous waste.  Here's the link:
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Along with coal ash, waste secreted from Soda Ash factories is very dangerous too you know. Maybe you should include that in the petition. In fact, it is so harmful that in the last 15 years, no new Soda Ash manufacturing units have been started at all. The waste totally kills the eco-system and leaves it useless for flora, fauna or any kind of life.


I was so shocked when I heard about this! There is just one way that has been innovated to counter this waste and some countries are gradually thinking of establishing it. Apparently some company called TATA in India had a Soda Ash factory too, and they decided to make the environment better and started research on it. The results they got (I read about it here - ) look nothing short of amazing. If this has happened, we shoudl totally start a petition for the govt to embrace this technology here too.

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