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 GreenNurture was the ONLY green technology to launch this week at the 20-year-old DEMO conference known for launching such technologies as Java, Symantec, TiVo and E*Trade. It just shows that the market is beginning to embrace green and clean technologies. The company was in the Enterprise category as it is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that gives organizations a turnkey solution for engaging employees in corporate sustainability initiatives.  But GreenNurture was not just hand-picked out of hundreds of applicants because it is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, but because it solves a problem in the market. 

According to the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), many organizations attempting corporate sustainability initiatives have come across barriers in raising environmental awareness among employees due to a lack of:

• Educational and training materials

• Employee engagement

• Forums for sharing best practices

• Measurement indicators

• Third-party partners to help make the business case for sustainability breaks down these barriers by providing:

Education and Awareness 

Communication tools to act as a forum for employees to share best practices. The ideas with the most employee buy-in are

filtered to corporate decision-makers.

Anonymous Surveys – A snapshot of the company culture that gauges sustainable

attitudes and behaviors over time.

Rewards – Active employees receive reward points redeemable through more than

2,500 local and national retailers and brands. Powered by RecycleBank®.

Assessment and Reporting – is a turnkey system that helps a company

accurately measure bottom-line benefits and employee buy-in of initiatives.

Green Assessment – An easy-to-use tool that captures energy, water and waste

expenditures to establish baselines and track on-going usage, savings and the

bottom-line benefits of employees’ actions.

Assessment and Reporting – A real-time external report card based on a proprietary

algorithm that tracks more than 30 variables around attitudes and behavior, creating

a third-party validation score that a company can publish on its Web site to share with

shareholders and stakeholders.

Comprehensive Reports – In just a few minutes each week, administrators can quickly

scan a wealth of detailed reports showing levels of participation, popularity of ideas,

rewards earned, etc. Reports can be viewed from 30,000 feet or drilled down to

individual employees.

Ease of Implementation – A turnkey third-party system. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

application so there is nothing to download or install. Any company from 10 to 10,000+

employees can launch a sustainability initiative in less than 20 minutes.


 To learn about our launch, please view our press release here. View entertaining slideshare presentations done on our media kit, addition of one of the top 30 bloggers in the world to our team, and others here. The presentations have had more than 1,000 viewers in the past week.  A visual of the actual application be viewed in our ceo demo video here.  

If you are interested, visit or call 480-897-3000.