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This is fantastic news - not necessarily for the everyday consumer, but for the country as a whole. They may or may not do rear differential conversions for retail consumers.


The market opportunity is huge. ALTe says its designs could be
applied to 80% of the vehicles found in our light-to-medium-duty
fleet, including 70 million light trucks, 32 million light vans, 5
million medium trucks, and hundreds of thousands of commercial vans,
shuttle buses, taxis, limos, military vehicles, etc. ALTe, looking at
vehicles in fleets of five or more, finds almost eight million just at Ford.


ALTe made a big splash when it unveiled its prototype Ford F-150
conversion (see 2 photos and 2 drawings at our ICE Conversions page).
While we expect to see companies with many business models and
technologies, ALTe already provides validation to the "Big Fix"
strategy. We'll talk later about technical aspects; the company's
promising accomplishments on the business side include:

* FACILITIES & SOURCING: a 185,000 assembly plant in Auburn Hills, MI
and a substantial supply chain.

* FIRST ORDER: up to $60M/year from Gulf Stream Coach for 3,000
shuttle bus conversions for four years; other potential corporate and
military vehicle retrofit projects (ALTe is working with the
innovative U.S. Army TARDEC program).

* FINANCING: $15 million committed or raised, raising $15M more;
$18.3M in Michigan state incentives; application pending for $101M
from the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicles
Manufacturing Loan Program. (This program funded large automakers as
well as Tesla and Fisker; Bright Automotive is also waiting.) ALTe
plans to produce retrofits eligible for the federal 10% buyer tax
credit for conversions (maximum is $4,000 per vehicle).

* SCHEDULE: customer evaluation prototypes by October 2010; with
funds from expected, scaling up for mass production a year later.

* STRATEGY: plans start with a retrofit business, expand to licensing
of technology and selling components, and eventual partnerships with
major and niche automakers for new vehicles.

* DISTRIBUTION: plans include individual national accounts, big box
retailers, partnering with a nationwide network of auto service
centers, a network of dealers, fleet depots, and smaller garages.

* INDUSTRY DOOR-OPENERS: joinig the Board of Directors are Thomas
LaSorda, former Chrysler Group President and CEO, and Steven Landry,
former Chrysler EVP of North American Sales and Marketing and Global
Service and Parts.