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Famines have caused many deaths in time past and still do though they are (to me) generally associated with civil unrest.

A new outbreak of a wheat disease called 'stem rust' has spread from Uganda to neighboring countries and seems to now be headed through the mid-east to Asia. İn the past a very similar disease has caused starvation in different parts of the world at different times.

When it reaches the breadbasket of İndia & Pakistan, the Punjab, it starts to become very serious and mass starvation in the poor countries are the likely result.

İ am told that the developed countries could probably weather the storm by use of fungicides until a genetic resistance is found but that is costly. Many 3rd world countries can not afford that type of thing.

Most likely a GMO plant will be developed with a resistance to stem rust. Certainly efforts are underway at this time and the science is far enough advanced to suggest that the scientists will be successful.

İ wonder what the stance of Europe and some of the green groups will be over this? Maybe GMO isn't so bad or let the natives starve? İn the past the choice seems to have been that a few starvation deaths in the 3rd world is not so important as resisting GMO's at all costs.

For the rest of the story please see the link provided.