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Nissan LEAF EV gains more than 56K pre-orders

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According to Nissan, the Nissan LEAF EV has already garnered more than 56K pre-orders although it's not set to debut to the mass market until 2012.
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Some folks think that Tesla Motors should be worried because not only is Nissan getting their manufacturing and buying power in place but the company is planning to have their EV on the market two years before Tesla brings their much more affordable Model S to market.

The Nissan Leaf costs around $25,000, while the Model S will be priced at over $50,000 making the Leaf (when finally released) the one and only entry-level priced electric car which obviously will appeal to a wider range.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn recently told Business Week that the company plans on selling the Leaf to operators like taxi companies and governments first but by 2013, Nissan will have built a half million Leaf vehicles globally.
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That's cool about the pre-orders.  I'm not so sure about Tesla being worried though.  They're somewhat different markets - the LEAF has a range of no more than 100 miles, whereas the Model S has 300 miles.  The Model S is also due out around the same time, both in 2012.  But basically the LEAF will be the more affordable option while the Model S will be for folks with more money who want a longer range.  Also there are some questions about the LEAF, with the battery possibly being leased.  There are pros and cons to that approach.

Supposedly Nissan is working on a battery chemistry which will double the range and compete with Tesla, but it's not expected for production until 2015.
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Dana is correct about Tesla vs Leaf - Two different markets. The people that want and can afford the Tesla are not going to buy a Leaf.

İ thought İ read Nissan was backing off the leased battery thing after seeing the market reaction?
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I'm guessing that the folks who leaked the whole, "Tesla should worry" bit had to be Nissan. My first car was a Nissan and it had so many issues. Hopefully the new green Nissans are good to go.
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There are some quality issues with several new Nissans, while some other key models are up to snuff and live up to their Japanese image.

The models in question are Titan/Armada/QX56 trucks/large SUVs and Quest minivans which are built in Mississippi and Versa/Sentra which are made in Mexico. The rest of the products built in at the big Tennessee plant (Altima/Pathfinder/Xterra) are great and so are the products from Japan (the remaining Infinitis except QX 56)

The Leaf was designed in conjunction with some Renault (merger) staff, as was the Versa and Sentra, but that should not result in problems as the Mexican plant is more of the problem, not the component quality. The Leaf will not be assembled in Mexico and has much more Japanese project management (unlike much of Toyota's troubled American products) so it should be just fine.

Like the Prius, the Leaf will be well taken care of by Nissan/Renault - at least in it's first crucial generations.
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