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The Case for Global Warming Stronger Than Ever

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Time Magazine has a good piece up - The Case for Global Warming Stronger Than Ever - which yes, like it sounds, covers the long ongoing debate between climate scientists and global warming believers vs. folks who plain don't believe along with the uncertainty of data.

According to the article, "Scientists haven't done a good enough job of communicating how they distinguish human versus natural influences." But one answer may lie in climate models; computer simulations that project climate effects in various scenarios, including those in which humans do not emit any greenhouses at all. According to the models, greenhouse gases that humans are generating are a problem. Not a shock.
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From greenbiz|+Water+|

4 Keys to a Successful Sustainability Strategy

 (excerpts from the article)

Consider these morsels from last week's Wall Street Journal: "By 2050, there could be two billion cars on the road -- twice as many as there are today." "Energy demand is expected to be 35 percent higher in 2030 than in 2005." "Pollution of drinking water is Americans' No. 1 environmental concern."  skip to---

But what's missing is totality. Business innovation to scale sustainable solutions exponentially -- across entire business models, across all products and services -- is what we need to put our global economy on a sustainable path. Scattered shoots of sustainability will not do the job. skip too - ----

The global economy will surely grow, but so must our stewardship of the planet we rely on. The best performing companies of the 21st century will be those that recognize this evolving new order, and invest and act now. 

From me: İ don't really disagree with the overall message but İ don't think the tone from the author and the audience the blog has are the people that have the leverage necessary to take up the problem.

From the article:
Among the key components of any successful strategy:

• Elevate sustainability in company governance, including direct board oversight and accountability over environmental and social issues, more diversity and special expertise on boards, and linking executive and other employee compensation to sustainability goals;
• Robust regular dialogues with key company stakeholders on sustainability challenges, including employees, investors, NGOs, suppliers and consumers;
• Open reporting on sustainability strategies, goals and accomplishments;
• Systematic performance improvements to achieve environmental neutrality and other sustainability goals across the entire value chain, including operations, supply chains and products.

These are high level corporate agendas - Obviously Wal Mart and others are going that direction. Maybe the writer should research how they got started down the path they have chosen. The people in these positions already have full time jobs so it will be necessary to convince them to spend valuable time on 'green'.

What İ am really complaining about is if you have identified a problem simply stirring the pot about it and getting all worried while trying to worry others as well isn't going to accomplish much. Writing one's legislative representative most likely will do nothing either! Writing blogs about your concern is not of a whole lot of use. 
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