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From All Cars Electric & Eric Loveday

Could hybrid cars actually be dangerous to the environment?  It seems like an unfounded question.  How could hybrids actually hurt the environment?  A study conducted by a research committee funded by the Environmental Protection group of Israel suggests that hybrid could actually be harmful to the environment and humans, as well.  The study found "surplus" radiation in some hybrid models. 

The "surplus" radiation is generated by the electromagnetic field made by AC current flowing from the batteries to the engine and back again.

My comments:

There have to be populations that have had this type of exposure over many years in industry- should not be all that hard to research.

Same with exposure to things in the hospitals that people get all in a tither about. Nurses have been exposed for lifetimes.
Too many people (like the ones in İsrael) prefer to stir the pot rather than do the work it seems.