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Hi everyone!

I noticed that our pets have been left out in the products section and wanted to share and introduce to those who have pets, or know of someone who have pets, our new line of eco-friendly designer doggy t-shirts and accessories! All made in the U.S.A. with certified organic cotton!

Through our research, the carbon footprint (or paw print in this case) our little fur ball leave behind does have a significant negative impact on our planet! By being a more responsible producer and consumer, I believe a more positive environmental impact can be had. The less carbon paw print, the better the future for both pets, people and planet!
So for those who have pets or know of friends and family who have pets and like to clothe them, than our products and accessories is the perfect eco-friendly alternative choice! Help pass the word and let's make our furry friends more green!

Remember to become our Facebook fan and learn more on ways to go green with your pets! Get money saving coupons and post fun pictures of your furry friends! Join today! Together I think we can make a difference with responsible choices when it comes to our pet's accessories in conjunction with our personal wants.

Check us out today and learn more! It is alternatively the smarter and more responsible choice for your furry friends! Discover our store online today:

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Keep it green.

Carbon Pawprint Designs
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We do actually have an eco-friendly pet section here at EcoHuddle;

Your products would likely fit in the other category. Since you're a retailers, below is some information that may help you from our F&Q page:


Our site's focus is user generated content, so we ask that you do not review your own products. Reviewing your own products or asking your friends and family to do so does violate our terms of service.


If you are a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor actively building your green business, we want to help you succeed and help the EcoHuddle community discover you.

The Industry Insiders program calls you out as an expert resource (albeit partial to your products) with an "In the Industry" badge.  This allows you to actively contribute to the site, while maintaining the integrity of our community.


Industry Insider benefits include:

An "In the Industry" badge to call you out as an expert

Direct access to your target audience

Brand representation of your products

Getting your products in the hands of our community members


For more information about the Industry Insiders program, contact us!
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