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The Danger of plastic

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The magnitude of the wasted plastic water bottles on our planet is hard to comprehend and most people are unaware of the vast scope of the problem.

The best way to quickly comprehend this horrible environmental nightmare is to view the short video to the right by Capt. Charles Moore, founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation.

Moore first discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -- an endless floating waste of plastic trash. He is an articulate spokesperson on the growing, choking problem of plastic debris in our seas. 

Moore captains the foundation's research vessel, the Alguita, and documents the great expanses of plastic waste that now litter the oceans, the sea bottoms and the coasts of the world. He points out that 2,000,000 plastic water bottles are consumed in the U.S. every five minutes, and that the volume is simply too great for the massive amounts of plastic to be buried or recycled.

Bottles are pouring into the seas at a mushrooming rate, causing hundreds of thousands of Albatross chicks to die each year when their parents mistakenly feed them plastic bits thinking they are food.

Samples of small seagoing fish show that one in three have significant quantities of plastic in their stomachs. The whole ecosystem is impacted.

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Your ecobot site worries me a bit! 

The wind turbine listed below is something very fishy - as in month old shrimp left outside!

1. The entire web site for Clarian is proposing to sell things that are:
1) not legal - you do NOT plug an auxiliary power source into a standard plugin in your home and back feed the system - there are distinct possibilities of burning your house down or killing someone. Nothing about this meets electrical code!
2) The claims for the wind turbine are total BS -
3) Put the turbine on your roof and watch the whole house shake!
4) The price for the turbine is very high - considering near zero output is most likely.
5) As of yet no one has developed a VAWT type of turbine that really works.
6) Your rooftop is one of the worst places for a turbine installation - only the basement is worse.
7) There are no data sheets or power curves on the Clarian site - wonder why
This is the type of thing that makes renewable energy look bad. İt also provides non-believers a chance to say 'look at those fools'!
8) The posts on the net seem to be from a PR push a year back and since this has gone into hibernation?

İf these guys believe their hype then İ feel sorry for them -  İf they don't believe it and put it out then they are a very low class of people.

What this means is that to me everything on your ecobot site is questionable until İ check it out.

İ fail to see why people feel they have to report on things they know nothing about. Probably 90% of the articles on green sites about wind turbines are at best foolish or misleading and at worst promoting shysters/scammers/hucksters!

Just doing something is worse than useless. Working hard means nothing. You have to work hard and smart to make progress.
Copied from the site - Jellyfish Rooftop Wind Turbine
Clarian Technologies announced its Jellyfish Wind Turbine appliance that can be bolted to the roof of a home to supply supplementary power. Clarian notes that by developing a unit that is safe, quiet, reliable and that anyone can install, it will offer an alternative energy option of unprecedented scale., a site that links to home wind power solutions,reports that Clarian's Jellyfish system is still in the development phase undergoing design enhancements to ensure it is compliant with safety and regulatory requirements. Many small wind power systems for home use are in development.

Plug-In Wind Power

What if you could plug renewable wind energy into the wall just like a blender or a toaster? Instead of using power, a wind appliance that generates it! 
Edited by Russ - 3/1/10 at 12:06am
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Russ ,please do check us out ,we are for real,and just one point,WE DO NOT SELL ANYTHING,we give every child/student in the usa/canada
a FREE reusable stainless steel water bottle,have you any idea the inpact that will have on the plastic industry?.
as far as working hard,this is not work,its a life changing movement that will grow,It will be real change for this planet,take a look at the C.Moore video on plastic in our seas,I am glad you took the time to view our web site,I hope you keep an open mind

not going green, I AM GREEN
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It seems you are refering to a news storey on our site ,I have looked again, it  will have it removed TODAY and any other storey we feel is in question . I am in the prosses of bringing a renewable energy expert on board,who can review any energy news stories we put out ,
I am sorry ,and will have this removed asap,
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Thanks Ecobot! İ appreciate your removing that - many sites got caught up with their PR. İt is really irritating when people try to peddle equipment or ideas that are unsafe and in many cases not legal! 

İ believe it is a good thing for you to have someone on board to sort out the worst of the stuff that gets thrown up. The idea has to be to help people - not to confuse them. Renewable energy is confusing enough for most.

Now İ can go back and check out the good things your site offers.

Best Regards,
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your a gentleman, thanks for the quick reply,
would like to keep in touch,
best regards
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