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Recently İ read an article about wind tunnel testing being used to test for improvements to the mileage the big rigs get. An article in the Silicon Valley Mercury News is interesting and gives a bit more description by a writer with a sense of humor!

Give 'Em Hill: Wind tunnels blow me away

Posted: 02/21/2010 04:00:00 AM PST

An excerpt from the article -

'And then all of a sudden, it's fun again! Like last week, when I attended a news conference about supersmart scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory coming up with aerodynamic devices to reduce drag on big-rig trailers and improve fuel efficiency for the trucking industry by up to 12 percent, which could save 3.4 billion gallons of diesel fuel a year, which is of course a wonderful thing, but — no offense, supersmart scientists — it makes for rather dull news conference material.' 

For the rest of the story -