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According to Business Green, an unpublished UN report seen by the Guardian notes that "The world's 3,000 largest companies are causing £1.4 trillion worth of environmental damage every year." That's a US$2.2 trillion in damage. Wow.

Business Green also notes that...

The report calculated about half the cost was associated with the release of greenhouse gases, while the remainder of the costs arise from local air pollution, and damage caused by the over-use and pollution of freshwater and fisheries.

Super. Especially when you consider a point made by GreenBiz, "The actual environmental cost of firms' activities is likely to be even higher, because the ₤1.4tn does not include damage caused by social impacts such as large-scale migration of people and other long-term effects of climate change."

It's unclear whether government will force these corporations to pick up some of the tab, but obviously they should. Enforcement and proving that these corps should pay would take some doing though.