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Silly İtems

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İ was going through the replies to a post on planetforward and one of the replies had a link to convenient solutions - just for something to do İ clicked it and ended up at a site where some clown will help you become green. İ copied the introduction:

Hi. I’m Eco Bill.  I have been eating healthy, exercising, living and learning how to live ecologically and talking about the environment since 1985.

For only 19.95 USD he will send you a DVD on how to do it while for 79.95 USD you get a 'starter kit'. Good old Eco Bill is also available for consultations he says!

Now the poor fellow who has been living such a good life looks a bit 'ridden hard & put out wet' in the photo - despite all the exercise and healthy eating!

He also tells you  - 'Living in an environmentally responsible way saves you money personally; and for businesses, it helps the bottom line. By following the simple principles I have laid out for you in this DVD, you can, in just 30 days change the way you are living and help to reverse global warming, pollution, and help our country become less dependent on Middle East oil. These changed behaviors then become good habits in a short period of time.'  

Anything he has in the DVD is available on the net for free. İ hope no one is so foolish as to send him 20 bucks but somebody must be so he can have a web site!
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Ha ha ha! I want to see the picture of him now. "ridden hard & put out wet" too funny. I agree (WE AGREE! ) That is totally silly. PLUS not even true. No one can go from just sitting around to healthy eating, exercising,and learning how to live ecologically in a month. That's insane expectations. I wonder if he does get any buyers. Some people, in my experience, will buy anything. Hope not though.
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