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BMW Mini E

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From All Cars Electric & Eric Loveday - 'Lease program drivers delighted with vehicle'

Real time experience of the trial program participants.

The research shows that drivers adjusted their driver to suit the range of the vehicle.  Further research indicated an unexpected occurrence.  Households that had a Mini E in their possession ended up using that vehicle for 90-100% of their trips, all but abandoning their gasoline vehicles.  Many respondents simply left their other vehicles alone and used the Mini E exclusively. 

Please use the link for the rest of the story. 
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From and John Voelcker another report on the Mini E

'It's always good to be suspicious when an automaker sends out a press release saying customers are "delighted" with its products.

In the case of the Mini E, BMW offered data to back up the claim.

At the Washington Auto Show today, BMW released early results from a study of 57 customers who leased its Mini E electric vehicle, conducted with the University of California-Davis.' 

For the full report please click the link.
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