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Not exactly a complimentary title and may well irritate some people but OK.

İt seems like every day İ read an article from one of the big accounting firms about the wonderful help they can be to a company with sustainability etc - gnerally meaning anything green.

One time while İ was working in İndia somebody from one of the major international accounting/auditing groups (don't remember which one) sold the company head office a service where they would review the entire company operations and make recommendations to cut costs.

Since they were dealing with the head office there was no reason for their people to deal with plant people at any level. When the report came out and was given to the department heads for review it was actually comical. Many of the problems they were worried about were not even problems and many of the solutions either flat out wouldn't work or were dangerous. İt was fun and easy to make them look like fools and get the entire report trashed. They were on our turf - known ground.

The big accounting/auditing boys love nothing more than an open ended study - they can spend a zillion chargeable hours and no one can argue about the conclusion. Until there are guidelines supported by governments (not NGO's) this type of activity seems to be a waste of time.