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Which is greener: Local or organic food?

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Local food vs. organic food is a topic that always seems to pop up and most people I've talked to have big opinions about the issue. There are pros and cons to both local and organic foods. Just some of these include...

Some benefits of local food:
  • You get to support the local economy and a lot of times support smaller family farm operations.
  • We're less dependent on fossil fuels used for transport.
  • Preservation of local green spaces - although since many farms aren't used by the public this is a negotiable pro in my opinion.
  • Better nutrients. According to some research, after being picked fruits and veggies lose nutritional value quickly. So local would in theory be healthier. On the flip side the FDA notes that frozen is just as healthy as fresh picked so...
  • Cost of local food can far less expensive than organic food local or not.

Some benefits of non-local organic food:
  • More variety and a wider range of food choices. Although many green advocates say that you should eat with the seasons so this could be a moot point. 
  • Food without pesticides that can possibly harm your body, the land, the water or air.
  • Support for organic farmers and organics in general. If folks don't buy organics there's not a market for it. 
  • Food that has not been genetically modified. GMO pros and cons are another debate though entirely. 
  • One theory I've heard is that because organic gardening or farming is more time and hands-on intensive more jobs can be created BUT I'm not sure if this is an actual pro or something organic advocates say. I don't know enough about organic farming jobs to comment.

Personally I try to buy food that's both organic AND local when possible. If I can't get both I do tend to go organic because I'm one of those organic advocates who doesn't want her son eating pesticides. I know I can't protect him from all baddies, but I can do a little by choosing organic apples over non-organic.

There are plenty of other opinions on this heavy debate. Check out the following links…

What do you think is a bett
er, greener choice? Local non-organic or non-local organic?

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When İ go to the local 'open market' that is in our village on Saturdays & Sundays İ ask the guy at the stand İ normally go to which is the most tasty orange, apple, tomato etc - if the price suits me then İ buy. Actually my wife asks as my Turkish is a bit rudimentary and god knows what İ might end up with!

Everything is organic - the salesman says so! İ really doubt any is but that is not one of my criteria. Everything is local - from Turkey. İ prefer local area items as they are typically picked in a more mature state since they don't have to be shipped and handled as much - İ expect the taste to be better.

İf the organic farms are hiring many people extra workers at the present minimum wage their produce certainly can not be cheap.

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