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There Were Solar Ovens Before Any Solar Panels

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I happen to read  that topic headline here about a Turkey being cooked in a solar cooker.
It flash to me those many years ago in school when we actually made one of those solar cookers. It boiled water!
Of course we could go back to after the first magnifying glasses were made and somone statart a fire with just rays of the sun.

Imagine clean powerr even way back then!

Oh I envision with such eeasy to construcr solar cooker ,that many of the hhave not countries could use it and save whatever trees were left in their countries.
Silly Me if solar cooking was even considered for introduction in those areas. it never got past that stage.
As far as magnifying the suns rays energy? Not even children consider this idea anymore/
In fact finding a glass sun tea making conntainer  is gettiing harder and harder.

My quetion is why is it like it is?
MICROWAVES? They use up more electricity than  other cooking machines.
Maybe if there were no micowaves We would need a heck of a.lot less electricity generated. I would believe that tpo be true.
How About You?
Yes I know not everyone everywhere could use a solar cooker, but many could. And one with a magnifying capacity would be even better and take much less time to cook.

funny a High school graduate should come up wityh such a proposial. Ah but I would bet many a common persons have thought of various possibiliteis ,only to go get in line and buy what they are told.

People we are not really free. Why do we keep fooling ourselves. Choices? It is either get in line or bne ignored  by all.

Maybe that is our problem  in teaching our children in our schools. It is either by the book or they flunk

I have always said if only we could channel those unruley students into a constructive agenda. The world could change instantly.
In the heads of those kids are ideas worth brining out in the daylight. We just do not want to do it. We think we are safe where we   are, Does anyone know how Thomas Edison got along in school. I think I read Henry Ford never even got close to graduation high school.  Want too bet that many more real changers were like that back when?   NO TAKERS HUH?

We talk about college education like it is heaven? The mlore people that go to collefe the worse this wlorld has gotten.
All of then are for theirselves not us .
Someone invents a light bulb today  It will cost us big money to own one.

Solrt Cookers as far as I can  remember they still can be made out of cardboard and tin foil. And hes you still can burn paper with a magnifying glass.
And this concludes my lecture on yesterdays.
I guess I am a fool ,but like that old Beatles song    I BELIEVE IN YESTEDAY

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Check on the heads of big companies right now. For one Bill Gates is a drop out. 
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Are they afraid of progress? Another question are you?
I believe there still are caves available and firewood and flint in they and you are interested.
Funny isn't it all the maany people running around with cell phones that arrde less reliable then thye land line,
The companies even advertize it, but people keep on buyintg them.
What am I saying? Enetrgy wise Coal is vvery ineffficent, Nuclear is only clean at the  generation point, and our grid way of getting electricity waste what 0over 50 percent offf it just getting it to our outlets.
HEY did you know caves mainntain a constant temperature.
You better put in forr one soonn friend , bwefore all the cnservatives and the naysayer scoop them up.
Good Luck
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Caves? genaman you sound like you are proposing caves if anyone is.

Mike, you sound like you have some kind of a serious problem or a tenny bopper playing games - which is it? The bottle bottom obscuring the view? Medications taking over?

Coal may not be clean but energy inefficient? Nuclear clean only at the generation point? İt is not possible to understand such stuff.

The tree huggers already have all the good caves taken up!

No thanks on the offer of luck - İ prefer to make my own. 
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a serious problem?
You might say that. I type with one shaking finger
Teeny Bopper Nope I just turned 63
don't drink at all  hardly even take and aspirin nevermind drugs.
Now Russ
do you remember those solar cookers?
Oh by the zay ever see how coal companies  get their coal these days? Blow off tops of mountains and let al the residue fall to the valley floors covvering up streams.
CLean coal_ do you have any idea what that is about?
mostly pumping the co2 into [pockets  underground
Hey how many decades have we tried to get the coal ujtilities to clean up their act.
this cleajn coal isn't any cleaner. that stuff they pump undderground willl eventually find its way bback out,
or maybe cause water pollution inn some underground water
Who knows maybe with so much pressure  it may even cause future earthquakes.
Nuclear power-well russ you have to dig up alll that yellow cake. there are many urainium mines that have huge piles of ttai;lings which are just there and move and contaminatee water. yes they do have some radio activity along with  some other junk.
Now russ that yellowcake has too be refind. the refinding process is quitte  dirty . They use all sorts of toxic chemicasls  annd acids to seperate the  urainium from the rocks it is in.Of course  we got to throw jin  all tghe energy used from thbe initial diging  the  refining- the transportation did  you count any of them Russ? Then comes your favorite that clean energy..
By the way I believe those clean burning  fuel rods have to be4 change what  every year oor  two?
OOh and then those rodds ned stored,and they eventually have to be moved to some perminent storage facility
Oh Russ Have they found a way even to have a warning sign last even a hundred years, nevermindthe many thousands thaat are needed.
until we can take it out a play and use it for  silly putty?
On caves Russ  like i stated they  needd litle  heeating or cooling.
Unlike the mmany McMansions we are  buillding today.
In fact there are home builders thaat  actually make homes that are partually ounder the spoil.
Something like that old soddy you use to see on Little House On The Prarie Remember? lonly these have hot and \cold watefr lights  everything.
By the  way when i made that cave remkark about you.
It was manly because you seemed afraid of anything new. You seemed to like our old fashion power grids
your sure  like are old energy sources.
Why is that Russ? I meean if you are not afraid of the new energy sources..
Like I stated if all  the people that came before us were like you seemed to be.
Hey we would still be in caves.
i don't m,ean to be brutial with you Russ.
I  just would li,ke you to take lofff those bllinders you have on and look at what we coould have..
Could you do that Russ?
Have a Nice Day. Did you even like those Smiley face suins thaat uzse to advertise that sayiing/?
 and Yep there are probably a bunch of typing mistakes in this one too.
i would hope yoou get the drift of my comment  RUSS
           Again Good Day To You
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Afraid of anything new? Sorry but İ worked in leading edge tech for many years. İ am afraid of fools thinking something will happen or can happen just because they want it to happen. Science and engineering does not work that way.

Sorry Mike but İ don't think anyone can get your 'drift' - it wanders around a bit too much. Brutal? How can a shaky old guy who's touch with reality seems a bit loose be brutal?

You seem to lead a fearful life - scared of the coal companies, scared of the nuclear companies, scared of nuclear waste, scared of all sorts of toxic chemicals  and acids - must be a tough life!

Better to learn a way to live with and improve on what is happening than to try to hide from it. 
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You state that you have work in the leading edge of Technology for many years.Yet you did not know how wasteful our power grids are?
And I take it you  believe cell phones go be  a 100 percent reliable,(Always get and send your calls anywhere)
Plainly you cannot even explain Clean Coal and how it is suppost go work?
And is it you are in favor of blowing off mountaintops to get your lovely coal or  not?
You do  remember the many laws that still are in effect about stipminiing?
you do know that the coal companies and it's mountiintop removablle skirted around those laws.
An your none comment on my many negative points on nuclerar power  make s me  wonder .Why are you even here.
Just saying It  Ain't So on  attacking me saying I am a teeny booper , a drunk and you last insult My posts wanders too much..
How about you trying to disprove anything my  wandring posts have said?
lets see how about urainium? tell us how  clean and  carefull all  the mines are kept up?

or how about the  refining of the urainium ore.Are you sayingt there isn''t any acids used?
Is it you will stake your reprutation that this Nuclear power never
 pollutes one single time? And the fuel rods when they are done you can give  them to your kids for toys?

And would you like to  try  again about the subject of solar cookers??
I would bet you never even made or heard ooif them Russ my Mr.. Technology.

I am tired of your kind. I  have run into you It Ain't  So'ers in every venue i have visited over the 12 years I have been on the internet as  genaman or in sevetral other spelling of gennaman .

Did I believe that EcoHuddle would be any different? That there would be a real discussions happen here ? Give and take?
Well one thing your are4 right about. I am a fool,  whenit comes to hope.
I put myself out there everytime. And I get back little,.
Buit that is ok with  me. You see I know my points  have beeen made.
And one  day  maybe  a few iof you Ain't So'er  as you are struggling to survive in that world you had to have.
You might remember  genaman  told you your fate way back when.
That fate that so many others real people that even put it in  black and white for you, but you were so full of yourself  you just laugh at them..
I got to give it to you It Ain't So'ers.
You  have chase so many good and caring people from places like this.
What is it you get from that? Russ The Conqueoring hero  A HIGH?
Me ? once I thought they actually paid you Ain't So'etr to come to these websites?
I do not. believe that anymore.
I only think of  you now as those old fashion playground bullies.
So mr tech minded RUSS.
How about telliing us on how to make a very cheap solar cooker.
If you got any children who take Science . Diagrams still might be in their book.
Good Day To You Russ
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İ started to comment point by point but it isn't worth the time and totally wasted effort.

You are confusing moonbeams with hope! You are confusing facts with things you heard somewhere like the barber shop or on some talk radio show. 

For your solar cooker - look on the net your own bad self! The information is there for all to see and access - for the average homeowner they are of little use.   

İ don't equate good and caring people with fools. The first İ can easily deal with whether we agree or not. The second are beyond hope.

Mike, please think of me anyway you might wish - your opinion makes absolutely no difference to me! İf you were my next door neighbor it would be the same.

Our people, the normal commenters/readers, matter to me. İ don't like people who dish up useless junk to mislead them.

İ hate to be insulting but Mike - İ am really tired of your misinformed, half cooked notions and opinions. The comic strip is more interesting than your rambling.
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