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'China-made' products and toxicity - water dispensers/coolers

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Specific question about GE Profile tri-temp water dispenser and in general about product toxicity of products made in China.

Just purchased a GE Tri-temp water dispenser (water cooler) and didn't see the 'Made in China' label until I got it home.  Ready to return it unopened for that reason alone. My concern is about toxics or other undesirable materials that come in contact with the water we drink.  What is the point of purifying our water if we can't be absolutely sure that it is not picking up toxics from the cooler at the final step - when we drink it?  (for that same reason we switched from plastic cooler bottles to glass some time ago.)

Does any know or have information on  1) what kind of assurance or quality control is there on this item that would give me confidence it was completely safe and not toxic in use and does not adulterate the water in some manner  (its energy star rating is nice, but beside the point)?

In general,  Is there any way to be assured that products made in China are really non-toxic, well tested and can be reliably used without concern.  Do American companies/regulators have any real control over their made-in-China products with regards to toxics, safety and eco-friendliness  (presuming they wish to have such control).  I also note that China appears to be as reluctant as the U.S. to implement any meaningful,  real and enforceable standards with respect to climate, pollutants and other issues - but that is a world/political problem that must be addressed elsewhere.
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Ask GE - the document İ found on line says the warrantor is GE USA.

A large percentage of consumer items sold by the big brands in the US and Europe are made in China. The big companies, like GE, will maintain strict quality control. They know the dangers far better than you can imagine.

The ones to worry about are the small companies in particular - such as the ones making the castings with higher than acceptable cadmium content.
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Hey there redslider; welcome to EcoHuddle. I think Russ is likely right on about better quality control because GE is a large company. Not that large companies don't have flaws, but they do have the cash to implement safety protocol. GE has an entire section of their website dedicated to this discussion. They say, "GE has a comprehensive supplier assessment program under our integrity program that looks at suppliers in China for environment, health and safety, labor, security and human rights issues. Under this program, GE has required hundreds of suppliers to obtain permits, improve their environmental performance and come into compliance with Chinese law. We do not assess supplier's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but we have a number of projects underway to work cooperatively with suppliers on their energy efficiency and GHG emissions. For example, in Mexico, we introduced GE’s “treasure hunt” process to more than 40 suppliers."

You could check out their performance area section and then email them directly with any unanswered questions.
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