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carbon emission sucks.. i am an ordinary employee and one of few millions riding public transportation daily to reach my work.. although it is not far from my place and i am planning to buy a tribike.. and as i search the internet to look for a quality but cheap tribike.. i came across with this site it looks awesome and very sporty.. what do you think?
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At 3,600 USD a copy it isn't a 'cheap ride'! Not the kind of thing you would want to park on the street.  
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well.. it is your opinion.... then don't park it on the street... only if you have one

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 You are right - İ don't have one and also don't want one. 
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Pretty nice bike. I want one.
With solar-energy stuff, I'm a cheap dirtbag. With bikes, I'm just a gear-head.
Should I spend the $$$ to get the cool trick bike... or go cheap & just shave my legs instead?
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 How times have changed!  One of my first bicycles was a 10 speed from Sears. $79. (which was high in the early '60s.  Made in Austria; so it was a fair (but not great) department store 10--speed.  Run-of-the-mill/nothing fancy.

Now I have a velomobile, with carbon fiber, lexan, kevlar/fiberglass, 3 disc brakes, power-assist, on and on.  It is snapping spokes now, and the plain old bicycle shops around here will not touch it.

However; they would happily repair a cheapo 10 speed.  If you like it; get it (education is priceless).  Stretching out to the last penny; forget it.  My personal opinion- yuk, been there, done that!
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