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How To Promote Animal Rights

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I'm a huge proponent of animal rights despite the fact that I have not yet taken the plunge into an entirely vegetarian diet. Perhaps I might be perceived as a hypocrite, but the following guide is written with all camps in mind -- it's my hope that if you've ever been slightly curious about how to make a difference in the lives of animals, this "how to" will help you to recognize that it's within your power (plus you don't have to burn down buildings or pour fake blood on fur coats to pull it off).
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By extension, Animal Rights means there İnsect Rights which means there must be Plant Rights - no? 

Caring for animals has nothing to do with animal rights or vegetarianism. Taking care of street animals and not mistreating animals is a big deal.

The link goes to causecast which has further links to PETA, ROAR, radical bunches and is fanatic about being a vegetarian or vegan. 

Thanks but this is the type of stuff that makes many mainstream people think that green equals loony and gives the far right an excellent target.
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I am always open to diverse opinions, but it seems that you failed to recognize the whole point of the article. If you actually read it, then I'm sure that you probably would have commented more judiciously. Animal rights proponents are traditionally radical in their approach...but it doesn't have to be that way. People who take the time to research and write articles are generally interested in educating the public, and "How To Promote Animal Rights" appeals to ANYONE who has wondered what they could do to make a positive impact but never actually got around to making it happen. There are so many degrees of advocacy and one of the problems is that far too many people allow the unappealing actions and advertising campaigns of extreme groups to get in the way of their own decision to become involved. We need more mainstreamers looking beyond the stereotypical behaviors of animal rights activists and recognizing that they can rally around the cause without being lumped in with the "loony" set. Of course, at the end of the day, it hardly matters what label we are given. If we take the time to donate our time and energy to help  a notable cause (such as animal rights, eco-awareness, etc.), then we've shifted from being a thinker to a "do-er" and THAT's what matters the most of all.
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İ read the article from end to end before posting - the words were soft but the links were harsh. İ always try to read and think before writing.

Many people who 'research' and write articles talk to their own group or read articles/books by others who have similar opinions and come up with an article. Well written and thought out? Sometimes and sometimes just words repeated in a parrot fashion. Writing about how wonderful a residential wind turbine is when if the writer really knew what they were writing about they would know that is usually not true. İ have read too many articles on the green options sites which were totally incorrect - almost like someone is acting as a shill.

Overall the quality of writing in blogs on the net is really poor or worse. İ would guess that no one would lose much if 90% of the articles on the net were never posted. Maybe 50%, written by one extreme or the other, are either totally incorrect or an attempt to misinform.  

About animals the mainstreamers need to look beyond the radicals? The radicals are the ones making the news and setting the agenda. İf they want more than the loony followers. İf people want the mainstream to be more concerned the radicals need to act a bit more intelligently. The mainstream follows by definition - not leads.

İ agree that all should help however they can - İ, personally,am referring to house pets in this case - Not farm animals.
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